Comments on the 2017 Reunion Cruise 

For my first cruise, it exceeded expectations. It was great meeting other veterans and their families. Great vacation experience; long overdue. I am hooked.



USAF Veteran

It was great being around all of my fellow Gulf War Veterans. No matter what branch, they are brothers and sisters.

I liked walking around and seeing the other veterans walking around. Cruising is always fun; on the cruise, I celebrated my 50th birthday! 


Army Veteran 

After the D.C. Parade in 2016, we heard about the reunion cruise in 2017. It was a wonderful and honorable experience to break bread with some of the Desert Storm Vets and their spouses. The cruise gave us time to get to know one another, to reminisce, to laugh and have fun. Having the same lanyards, the same t-shirts, attending the same shows, running into one another in Mexico... We cannot wait for the 2018 reunion cruise! Getting to know everyone better.....

Robert (Army Veteran) & Darlene 

This was my first cruise. Being around a huge group of veterans especially from the storm was a blast.

I am looking forward to the next one in September 2018.


Army Veteran 

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